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You Hate Skrillex? Stamp by WreckItSkrillex

*sigh* Personally, I don't understand why people are giving you such a hard time about this. I mean, it's an opinion, yeah? Everyone's ...



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United States
"Supernatural - where RPS is the moral high ground."

"Red vs. Blue" and "Supernatural" are my Forever!Loves.

I am one of Misha's Minions, an Ackleholic, a Twickster, and an all-round SuperFreak.

I am also a devoted Cumberbitch (and I apologize to Benedict Cumberbatch, because I understand that that term makes him just a tad bit uncomfortable, but he's British and can't help but be a gentleman. But still, it is a delicious term and I have no problem being referred to as his bitch. ;))

Feel free to drop me a line or read my stuff. Not that I'm at all good, mind you. The only thing that I really have going for me is that I'm grammatically correct. For the most part.

I am not available on U.S. holidays.

Destiel, Sabriel, and Salt 'N Peppa (lesser known as Jevin) are my OTP's. You diss, you die.

Fun stamp-maker:…

Fun error-message-maker:

It's Official (And All It Took Was One Episode) by AuroraBlix UNSC Infinity by AuroraBlix Bro Code At Work by AuroraBlix Bobby Singer by AuroraBlix Age-Old Excuse by AuroraBlix Cold As Ice by AuroraBlix Suck It! by AuroraBlix #TheCrimsonCollaborationRecruitment by AuroraBlix Spartan Gabriel Thorne by AuroraBlix Spartan Thorne for Team Leader by AuroraBlix Demi and proud! by AuroraBlix Irish! by AuroraBlix

In no particular order:

-This video of Jaune Arc dancing:…

-One of the subsequent comments on the above video: "This is how he got into Beacon. He seduced Ozpin with these kickass dance moves."

-Babies when they get their first taste of a lemon--you are literally seeing the first time a human brain just goes "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!"

-Feeling like I need cheering up, and then remembering that Wash has seen Tucker naked.

-This picture:…

-My sister (the one I live with) finally decided to start watching "Red vs. Blue", and her favorite character is Tucker. (We're in the middle of season ten, and the Tucker-love is still going strong.) So I made her listen to the "Bow Chicka Bow Wow Wow" song. Therefore: her reaction.

-This picture:

-"Monty Python and the Holy Grail". More specifically, the logic scene. Apparently, my sister's "Logic Class" professor showed it to her class a few days ago, and nobody but my sister understood what the fuck was happening.


-If you flinched and averted your eyes when you read the above, you make it on this list.

-The thought of Felix the Mercenary (read: Dickhead) from RvB meeting Jaune Arc from RWBY.

-Reading :iconhawthornsword:'s list of favorite RvB pairings and seeing "Felix/Money" on the list.

-Reading "Wash/anyone who will love him, and then keep on loving him when he tries to not accept affection" on the same list. And then immediately thinking of Tucker.

Last, but not least: As I mentioned earlier, my sister loves Tucker to death. Sometime in the middle of season seven or eight, she pauses the disk and asks if there are any characters who's name starts with the letter "F". I immediately said Flowers/Florida. When I asked why she wanted to know, she said that if they're paired together, their ship name would be "Fucker"... I ship Flowers and Tucker together now. (I did not think of Felix, and he wouldn't be in the running anyway.)

Also, this picture:
  • Mood: Llama
  • Listening to: Cardin Winchester's voice on a loop

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